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There is nothing more enchanting than the purity and elegance of the white rose! Its style and luxury are sure to delight the heart of your loved one. This box of white roses is perfect to be sent as an anniversary gift, simple gesture of love or sign of gratitude. Presented in white luxurious box for maximum impact when your special gift is delivered!

This arrangement contains the following flowers:

  • White roses

    100% floral delight guaranteed
    To ensure the longevity of your flowers they will be delivered in bud, so you can watch them bloom in front of your eyes.
    7 days of freshness guaranteed.

Next day delivery is available for orders placed before 4pm.

Guard Petals:
Roses are delivered with their guard petals which may be not as colourful as the inner ones. Our florists leave naturally grown outer petals to ensure inner petals will be protected during the shipping. Once the roses are received, the guard petals can be unpeeled and the arrangement can be displayed.

Substitution policy:
As flowers may be seasonal, we reserve the right to substitute any flowers not currently in stock. To ensure customer satisfaction, flowers will be substituted with a flower similar size and color of the same or superior style, quality and value.

  • Everything is great! I ordered a flower arrangement while I was abroad. The bouquets are amazing, everything is always on time!

  • My husband gave me this box full with lovely roses as a gift for our anniversary . The roses were so gentle. This box is full with love! Thank you Handy Flowers !

  • I wanted all white roses for my angel-themed baby shower. The flowers were breath-taking! They looked light, delicate, and airy and helped my vision come to my life. Great job!

  • I know almost nothing about flowers but I needed to order some for my expectant wife to help cheer her up. I got on the site and looked at hundreds of options before I was able to pick a bouquet that I thought would be perfect. The delivery was swift and my wife received very lovely flowers that got the job done. Thanks mate!

  • Superb service and delivery, and some seriously gorgeous flowers.

  • Totally shocked at the magnificent flower bouquet I received today. I have never seen flowers more wonderful before.

  • I ordered a bouquet of roses from your site and am astonished at how wonderful they are. My wife said they were the best flowers she has ever received!

  • My daughter was extremely excited. She called to say thank you and I could tell she was pretty happy with the flowers. Thank you very much

  • Chose this box of roses to send to my daughter for her graduation. The flowers were delivered to her in the morning as I insisted. My little girl was very happy and excited. Your florists are great!

  • Beautiful and classy. My wife loved the roses!

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